What kind of employees do employers seek? Specialists in particular fields – that is obvious. But what kind of universal skills should an employee possess? Most of all, they should be able to organise their work time independently. This requires a lot of self-discipline and the sense of responsibility. The application for task execution control may be a great source of support for such employees.

This is a perfect tool especially for specialists and managers who are obliged to perform many tasks, all of which are characterised by a specific level of complexity. Each task can be “divided” into smaller elements and tight control over all of them can be ensured. This is also possible when a given task or its part is delegated. The application for task execution control offers the functionality of resources sharing, hence several people forming a team are able to work on the same document and check progress on an ongoing basis. Moreover, the application ensures data security; as opposed to a paper calendar, which can be stained with coffee, lost or eaten by a dog, the data from the application can be accessed using different devices – a computer and other mobile devices.