“I don’t want to” – how many times do you repeat these words every day? What can you do improve your motivation? Certainly there are things which you must not or do not want to postpone. A few solutions are available. It is best to use their compilation adjusted to a given situation and to individual personality traits. One of Pointeam’s objectives is to improve users’ motivation. The application helps to work out a schedule, which is already a good start to complete the required tasks.

Change your attitude, visualise the effect

Find something interesting in the given task. It doesn’t work? Then, imagine yourself once you have completed the task. Do you feel satisfaction? Or perhaps relief that it is finally over?

Inner motivation

Inner motivation is highly effective. Most of all, we have to set ourselves a goal and be certain that it is what we really want.

Map of objectives

Such a map should be located in a prominent place, e.g. on the fridge, so you can look at it on a constant basis. Our brain programmes itself this way. The goals need to be short- and long-term – a driver’s license course, Christmas shopping, a trip to the Caribbean? All of that can be accomplished.