system kar i nagród w rodzinie

Can a system of penalties and rewards in a family be successful? Yes, provided it has been implemented appropriately. Where is the borderline between motivation and dictatorship?

A family is the smallest social unit – at least this is what they teach us at schools during civic education classes. There must be rules in every community. If the rules apply to and arrange family life – instead of dominating it – they will help to create a good atmosphere and ensure the required harmony. Therefore, it is worth introducing them gradually, yet from the very beginning, i.e. when our child is learning to clean up at the age of three, not thirteen. At that time, the use of rewards will bring benefits under the condition that the rewards are attractive – high pocket money or new branded shoes. However, can we afford that? Besides, you need to be aware of the fact that such motivation can be misleading, because it will become little attractive or onerous with time, and the child will clean up or learn only because of the money or the fear of a penalty, e.g. a computer ban. It is a better idea to introduce token rewards, while the absence of a reward should never be considered a penalty.