Application for task execution control


What kind of employees do employers seek? Specialists in particular fields – that is obvious. But what kind of universal skills should an employee possess? Most of all, they should be able to organise their work time independently. This requires a lot of self-discipline and the sense of responsibility. The application for task execution control may be a great source of support for such employees. This is a perfect tool especially for specialists and managers who are obliged to perform many tasks, all of which are characterised by a specific…
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Verification of assigned tasks


Task assignment as well as coordinating and controlling their execution are the fundamental and most general tasks of a manager. What to do and how to do it to make the process of tasks verification an objective assessment, not a source of unwanted stress? Verification of assigned tasks must be planned in advance – the time, place, scope and aim of the control. Employees need to be informed about all of these elements before. Give them a chance to prepare for such verification. Controlling tasks execution must be fully justified….
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Improving users’ motivation


“I don’t want to” – how many times do you repeat these words every day? What can you do improve your motivation? Certainly there are things which you must not or do not want to postpone. A few solutions are available. It is best to use their compilation adjusted to a given situation and to individual personality traits. One of Pointeam’s objectives is to improve users’ motivation. The application helps to work out a schedule, which is already a good start to complete the required tasks. Change your attitude, visualise…
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Electronic time planner


In the times of digitalisation, everything can be transformed from an analogue to a digital format – a maths copybook into a spreadsheet, a diary into a blog, and a pocket calendar into an electronic time planner. What is the advantage of an electronic time planner over a paper calendar? Most importantly, although you can write everything on it, paper is not elastic in terms of contents – the surface area of a traditional calendar is limited. Meanwhile, its electronic counterpart can store huge amounts of data – texts, graphic…
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System of penalties and rewards in a family


Can a system of penalties and rewards in a family be successful? Yes, provided it has been implemented appropriately. Where is the borderline between motivation and dictatorship? A family is the smallest social unit – at least this is what they teach us at schools during civic education classes. There must be rules in every community. If the rules apply to and arrange family life – instead of dominating it – they will help to create a good atmosphere and ensure the required harmony. Therefore, it is worth introducing them…
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Piggy bank – application


How to save some money with pleasure? Use the piggy bank – the application for home budget and personal budget management. A bulky porcelain piggy bank is certainly motivating because we can look at it often if it is in a visible place and provided we put coins in it regularly. However, this old-fashioned knick-knack will not help us to organise our expenses, which is in fact the essence of saving. Being aware of our monthly expenditures helps to eliminate spending money on the things we do not really need….
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Co-tenant schedule execution


Working out a cleaning schedule is perhaps the only method to deal with co-tenants who are unwilling to keep the rented apartment in order. Unfortunately, this will not help if the problem is not associated with the working out of the schedule but with its execution by other co-tenants. How to make the schedule work? The easiest way is to use the Pointeam application, thanks to which all co-tenants will have access to the schedule on an ongoing basis, even when they are not at home. How is it possible?…
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How to evaluate expenses using the mobile application


Do you want to have better control over your money? At the end of a month you are certainly wondering how come the balance on your bank account is almost zero. Perhaps you have a problem with financial management. If you think you need help, then find out how to estimate expenses using the mobile application. There is no need to panic; however, this may be a source of trouble. Why? Perhaps you do not really know how much money you spend and on specific things, products, services or bills….
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Management with the use of mobile devices


How is it possible to manage with the use of mobile devices? It is simple! It all comes down to time and task management. Here are a few tips on how to organise yourself effectively. Be precise when determining how much time you need to accomplish each task. If a task is too long or simply too boring, and dealing with it is difficult – try to divide it into several 15-minute-long stages. Prioritise every task you need to complete. Knowing that something has to be done urgently will make…
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Digital diary for group management


When time is not your ally, but rather a fast roller coaster, which makes all of the people sitting inside scream with terror as the car is going down with an enormous speed… If this is how you perceive your work, then it is a sign to change something about it. How to deal with the multitude of tasks and coordinate the work of the entire team? A digital diary for group management is a perfect solution. A manager, at every step of their professional career, must organise not only…
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